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Collagen Powder – Premium Multi Collagen Peptide Protein Powder Supplement (Types I, II, III, V & X) That’s Grass Fed, Non-GMO and Gluten Free – Great for Hair Growth, Anti-Aging, Joint Pain Relief, Sports Recovery and Paleo & Keto Diet (16oz)

$31.99 USD

Discover the secret to anti-aging and make your skin rejuvenated and youthful again. Have you ever wondered why some celebrities or influencers look so young for such a long time, like they’ve never aged? Try our premium multi collagen peptide protein powder supplement by Dynax and you will not believe your eyes after a few weeks of use. Your number of wrinkles will reduce, your skin will feel more elastic, and your face will be brighter and more radiant.


Unlike most collagen powders in the market, Dynax Multi Collagen Protein features Biotin + Vitamin B6, four premium collagen food sources and five collagen types: I, II, III, V, and X. 


I really love this product. I've been using Dynax Multi Collagen for almost 2 months now. My hair has grown and feels thicker. The lines around my eyes are diminishing and my gut loves it! I don't have constipation problems any longer since taking this wonderful product. I will be using this collagen for the rest of my life.”. -Customer Review



  1. Five Types of Collagen (Type I, II, III, V, and X)
  2. 10.1g of Collagen p/Serving
  3. 45 Servings
  4. 40 Calories



Dynax is an American nutrition company that focuses on making high-quality health supplements that are beneficial for your everyday health and fitness. All our products are safe to consume because our supplements provide nutrition to our cells, not dangerous chemicals with negative side effects like other supplements and sports drinks in the market. All our supplements are carefully inspected and made in the USA. 


We also want to provide great customer service for everyone. Our customer service team is friendly and responsible, so if you have any questions, concerns or suggestions, feel free to contact us. We would love to hear your valuable feedback.



Improves Hair, Nails, and Teeth

Great for Joint Pain Relief

Reverses Aging

Helps with Skin Elasticity 

Reduce Wrinkle Depth

Brightens the Skin

Improves Gut Permeability

Keto & Paleo Friendly


Gluten Free

Grass Fed Bovine

rBGH & rBST Free

Risk-Free Guarantee  



After reading all the benefits, you already know our multi collagen peptide protein powder is what you need. What are you waiting for? Scroll up and buy one for yourself now or buy one for your family or friends who need it. Grab your chance now before our supply runs out. Your health deserves it!


Limited Lifetime Guarantee


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